Diva Daze 11


clip art  choresHello My Divas

Isnt it weird how we all want to have that puppy or kitten when we see it. We just want to take it home and you just know that all will be ok and it is going to be the perfect pet (yea right ) this time. Well, I did just that. I have been wanting a tea cup dog for awhile and I just couldn’t see paying $1,000 or more for one without seeing it, Been there, done that!

So as I was passing my favorite Discount store I happened to see this cute little girl waving a sign “Puppy for Sale”. Of course I was gonna stop and JUST LOOK!!! Well long story short I left the parking lot with this beautiful pup and started my life again as an animal owner. You know deep down when you are doing it that a few days later your going regret it, but you do it anyway, what is wrong with us? You forget how much time and energy they take. Luckily he is really cute and we both adore him BUT we are having a really hard time finding him a name that we both like. My husband wanted to name him for his heritage and I just want a cute name that sound good when you are yelling it really loud because they are crapping on your rug, again!!!

So we are still calling him whatever happens to be the favorite name of the day (man is he gonna be so confused) and we are no closer to finding one we both like. I have decided that by the end of the week I am going to make the executive decision as I am the one that gives him his bath, feeds him, irons his Little Tommy Bahama and wife beater shirts, gets up with him at night and cleans up after his messes. I have earned the right.

Stay tuned for a Friday update on the name of the pup and remember Every Daze is Different……..

Diva Daze 4


Quote ” I am glad that I have a wife I love”

Well now, that just about makes me wanna cry.  I am so glad that I have a man who loves me so fiercly.   He only wants the best for me and can’t understand why I don’t want that for myself.     What?    Of course I do.  Don’t I?

You see I am a little over weight and have been my entire adult life.   My inner Diva keeps trying to come out but she always seems to fall short of achieving  her goals.

I have fought and fought my way through my food process for years.  I Have tried every pill known to man (and some known to animals, just kidding) and every fad diet that has come down the line.   Of course everything worked while I was doing it.  But see that’s the catch, you have to keep doing it.

I have decided to go back to the beginning, where all this food eating, exercising crap started for me.   I was a VERY fit teenager , active and happy
I do remember I had a very big appetite and never once did I think I would not be able to keep that wonderful habit all through my adult life.

So, I am yet again trying something off the wall to achieve my goals.   I am going back to meet my younger self on a weekly basis.   We are working through all my concerns one by one, peeling back the layers to help one cope with the other.    So far I am loving it.   I have told my younger self “jealousy gets you NO where”( and is not very attractive either).  I have tackled my fear of following through and being afraid to try new things and get out there and enjoy life.   I found my “little bratty self”, smacked her around some and then had a long talk and gave her a time out.

What I am doing is hypnosis.  No not your put me under and change my mind hypnosis.   More of the the relax me and take me back in time.  Make me feel my emotions and experiences from the past to shed the healing light on why I am the way I am.  You can’t fix the why until you find the when you became how you are.

It’s all very simple.  It’s not a cure, just a step on a ladder to help you climb out of your gloom to become your best self ever.   I am working out now and eating better, remembering that life is short and time does not stop to wait until you are ready.   My inner Diva says its time to shine again, I so love shiny things.

Have a good Daze……….

Diva Daze 2


Ok All you Stay At Home divas, this one is for you!

Any one else have a complaining husband?  I have one that comes home most nights and states ” what did you do all day!”   After I count to ten, I calmly list off  all the wifely duties I did that day.    Now in my head I’m thinking he should be able to SEE what I have been doing all day and say something more like ” wow the house looks awesome”, or” this dinner is perfect, you sure must have spent a long time shopping and preparing this meal”.  I don’t ask him what he does all day, I see the money every 2 weeks I know he’s working.

So, I made a decision, maybe a bad one, that if he asked me again, the next day I was going to show him what I did do all day.

I Didn’t get him his morning coffee AND water, after I didn’t wake him up, whoops!   Yea, this is SO what I do every morning!!!!!
I unmade all the beds
Didn’t do the laundry
Left all the breakfast dishes in the sink
Didn’t let the dog out ( not my brightest idea)
Didn’t make dinner
Didn’t answer any of his 100 texts or calls
Didn’t pick up items on his “wifey do list”
Didn’t shave my legs ( now this one kinda hurt me not him)
Didn’t work out ( ok, see comment above!!!)
Ect, ect………………………….

Ok I think everyone’s got the gist.   I did absolutely nothing, I sat around and ate BON BONS!!!!    I will tell ya, it is not as fun as it sounds!
I know you are all thinking I just made double the work for myself and you would be right.    This  particular idea will not be put into action again any time soon but my husband will know what I didn’t do all day!!

So, 8.5 hours later my husband came home took one look at the sad state of the house, calmly counted to ten and took out his wallet and handed me some cash.    I quickly picked up the phone called my girls and set up my day of pampering, hair ( cut AND color, of course), mani and pedi!!!

Have a good Daze……….