Diva Daze 3


Ok so yesterday was the 4th of July, big bang boom!!!     As a kid this was one of my most favorite days of the year.    The day you get to play with matches!!!  Oh yeah, back in the good old days you were able to leave your kids outside, unattended all day if need be.   My mom NEEDED it to be!!     I am the last of many and there is a mighty gap from the oldest to the youngest, and YES it does make a difference.   The difference was I was able to get away with everything!!

They got lucky, though, as I was a tom boy NOT a girly girl.   So lets just say my interest in boys was on a more dangerous level.   You know stuff like who can ride their bike the fastest off a cliff, who can dodge rocks the longest, and the most important one ( to me), who can get the most fireworks for the 4th of July.

I always had the ever dangerous Snakes, Sparklers and poppers.   But one year , I think I was about 10, I was allowed to get the real thing, FIRECRACKERS!!!    Now I know what all you people are saying , “yea but they were harmless”.   The ones we had in 1975 were not harmless, they were the real finger taking deal!!!    They were like Gold to me.   I would get a pack of 50 but only do 25 so that I could save some for special sneaky moments all through the year.   Those moments were SO worth the “Go to your room, and don’t come out until I say you can”    As the years went on I continued my fascination with the firecracker until I got a little cocky and almost blew my finger off ( well not really, it was a little black at the tip) and decided that day that bottle rockets were safer!  Yep those were a lot safer, as long as you aim them correctly ( yea  right I was 12) and make sure your parents car windows are up!!    So, long story short this was my last year of unsupervised match usage.

Now after all these years I still love fireworks, just not doing them myself.    The bigger boom the better!

Have a good Daze …………..