I am so back!!!!


Hello again my Divas. I have had a weird year and lots and lots of great stories to tell. I am going to start with something that actually happened yesterday. Does anyone love Pop Tarts? Well I have a LOVE-HATE relationship with them. I love them, they hate me!! Anyway I broke down and bought a box, Blueberry, and popped a couple in the toaster and decided right then that I had to destroy the rest or else I would eat them all in one setting (it has been about 1 year since I had a pop tart) so I tore them up and threw them down the drain. So by now my beauties are about done in the toaster and I take them out and put them on a paper towel to put my butter in them. I am just about to take my first bite and my phone rings. I take the call and politely end the conversation as fast as I can, I need my Pop Tart. Finally i get to it and I pick up my first one and along with it comes the paper towel. CRAP, I placed it frosting side down,NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! So you guessed it, I picked as much off as i could but ended up eating a fair amount, it was pretty good!! Oh well can never get enough Fiber!!!