Diva Daze 8


Saturdaze thoughts……….

As I was sitting here drinking my morning coffee, I was just reminiscing  about things that have happened in my life and how the rules seem to change as you get older………..

* Never try to cut costs and hang your own chandelier, NO Matter  how much HGTV you watch.  And if you do make sure you are not on a swivel chair and all furniture is out of the room!!!

* Never trust a fart after 40. ( that goes back to having an extra set of clothes in your car emergency kit! )

* Never turn your back on a coop full of chickens.   Man them suckers are fast, and quiet!!

* after tanning you should have them turn on more light for you to get dressed.  Then you wouldn’t wonder why your bra shrunk 2 sizes while you were in there just to find out you were trying to put your underwear on over your head.   ( Now that was a day I was proud of! ).

That’s enough for now, tune  in next Saturday for more Saturdaze thoughts, Have a good Daze………..