Diva Daze 10

Ok Divas, just letting you know that I have been in a funk, and I think it has caused brain farts ( You know when thoughts come into your head and then poof they are gone, brain farts!!). Needless to say I have been walking around the house moping and feeling sorry for myself all because I found a grey hair, DOWN THERE!!!!!

What the F do you do with that? They are just like little cock roaches, you may only see one but you know all their little friends are in there hiding also!! So this bring me to one of the things on my bucket list: get a brazillian!! So I have read all the horror stories ( I so don’t want to have to go to the ER and tell them this story) and they sure the heck have scared me out of doing this for the last 25 years. I SO would be that 1 in a million person that the really horrible thing would happen to.

I know you are saying just shave yourself. Ok this only works if you can see and reach the area you are working on. I have dreams where I am looking all cute and wearing a thong and then turn around and I have a goatee coming out the back of my undies, so NOT attractive!!!

First things first though, who do I want to do this, how does one go about finding the right person to rip the hair off their private parts? So I need some advice, or just good stories….

More later but for now, Have a Good Daze…………


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